Sew Sunday ~ Sew Expo ~ OMG Link-up

It has been such a fun sewing weekend for me, starting on Thursday with a trip to Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA and continuing on to the In Stitches quilt show in Centralia, WA on Friday and ending with an inspired weekend of sewing at home.  Yesterday I even had 4 hours alone at home to sew.  I should have cleaned house or worked on taxes, but it was good for the soul to spend quality time with my sewing machine watching videos on Bible Art Journaling. 

I have loads of pictures to share with you over the coming weeks, but for today I have just a quick post so I can get back in the sewing room before a sniper (kids, dogs, hubby, chores) gets me.  ;) 

Today is the last day of Sew Expo at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup, WA.  If you are local, it is definitely worth the trip, especially today.  Many vendors offer deep discounts on the last day so that they won't have to pack and ship their merchandise home.  Especially for furniture, sewing machines and bolts of fabric.  

  February Finish Link-Up

Time to link up my February finish for the One Monthly Goal challenge and I am happy to say that yesterday I finally finished sewing together the blocks that have been on my design wall since last summer!  Nice to finally have that goal complete.

It was only 10 blocks, but it was just taking the time to work on them.  Now I can put them away until I am ready to do a little more work on Michael's quilt.

I also completed the 2 February blocks for the SSMQG Patchwork City QAL.  If you remember getting caught up with that QAL was my January goal, and my personal sewing goal is to stay caught up.

I'm heading back to my sewing room to see what else I can accomplish this weekend.  I finished a super secret block project yesterday and started on the binding for a guild quilt.  I like to sew the binding on onto the front and hand tack it down in back.  It's a relaxing thing for me to do in the evening while watching TV with the hubs.  I'm seriously considering starting something new today after I finish the binding.  We shall see what happens.


MartiDIY said...

Congratulations! And how fun to spend a few days going to quilt shows.

Heidi said...

Sew Expo envy going on here!
Congrats meeting your goal by completing all those blocks. Looking forward to seeing what happens next with your design wall!