Sew Saturday ~ February Goals ~ OMG Challenge

February is my youngest son's birthday month, so I think it is high time I went back to work on his quilt.  My goal this month for the One Monthly Goal (OMG) challenge is to get the squares on my design wall sewn into blocks.  Hopefully I will exceed that goal and add more blocks, but for now I will happy with getting these blocks finished.  They have been on my wall since June!  I haven't wanted to take them down for fear of having to figure out how the pieces all go back together.  Each square has different, yet similar fabric.

It's really only 10 blocks total, and I already have 3 done.  7 more block.  This is such a silly goal, yet it has sat as a UFO for going on 9 months now.  That is too long, so it is my goal to FOCUS on it.  Sometimes I just have to make it my goal or it won't get done.

In addition to this goal, I also want to keep up with my QAL for the SSMQG.   Last month I got caught up through February, so it will only take make 2 blocks to be on track by the time of our next guild meeting in early March.

I'm also working on attaching binding for 2 charity quilts made by our guild. I'll have to share pictures with you once they are done.  It is so fun to see these quilts come together and know that it was made by women I admire and cherish, and then to know I had a small part in it too.

 Feb Goals

Please consider linking up your sewing goals with this new challenge. Heidi has a fabulous fabric giveaway and the challenge has a new sponsor this month.


legato1958 said...

You can do it! I know what you mean about needing just that "extra" nudge to finish up something. I am interested to see what this quilt will become.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing your son's block. My younger son's birthday was today! I suspect he's a little older, though. =)

Jill said...

I don't think 7 blocks is a "silly goal." Some months, I'm overjoyed to finish one block! The quilt looks great so far. :)

Heidi said...

Seems a perfect goal to me! I always try to choose something that would probably otherwise not be completed that month. And how motivating to know you will gain your design wall back as a reward!

Love those houses!