Sew Saturday ~ A Quilt For Meeka

Auntie Heather and Meeka
Most of you know my precious niece, Meeka Genevieve Anastasia Jobe was born in late October.  I worked right up until my last day down in CA visiting them to finish her quilt, but I was able to get it done and take a few pictures with her on it.  I hope this quilt snuggles her in auntie's love for years to come.

Have you ever seen anything so precious?  Her daddy sleeps like this too.  I used to think those big flowers on babies looked ridiculous, but they have been growing on me.  I had to pick one up for Meeka and I'm glad I did.  She's adorable!  (and I am not ashamed of being biased)

Slightly better picture of the finished quilt.  She was too tired to wake up for pictures, and auntie had too many tears running down her face to try.  I did take some pictures with my regular camera and will show them next week when I link up to ALYOF.

My husbands sisters have had kids and made me an auntie over 10 years ago.  I love it, but there is something truly unique that happens when your own sibling has a child. I cannot explain it, but I am so connected to her and loved her before she was even born.  Watching my brother become a dad and hold his little girl was an amazing experience.   Please indulge this proud auntie with a couple more pictures of Meeka trying on some of the gifts I got her.

Auntie Heather got the princess another hair bow.  :)  This one is a bit smaller

She was just looking at me and smiling as I was talking to her.  :)  My heart melted into a puddle of happy. 

Auntie got her some ballet socks too

You know what thrills me?  My sister in law posted a picture this week of my niece sleeping on the quilt I made her.  <3  Melts my heart.

I already want to make her another one, but instead I am starting a quilt for another special little lady in my life, my grandma.  I didn't get a great picture of us, but we sure were having fun laughing at ourselves while I tried.  Grandma is in an assisted living home just a block from my brother's house.  I walked down the street from seeing the new baby to visit my grandma.  She is a tiny little thing and always cold.  I don't know why I haven't made her a quilt sooner.  I would love to have hers done before my next trip to California.  It makes the waiting a little easier if I can focus on making something for her. 

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HJ said...

You are one proud auntie and rightfully so. Meeka is a sweet, sweet beautiful baby and I'm sure she enjoy the wonderful quilt you made and was able to deliver to her in person. Your grandmother is awesome. It's great she lives so close to your brother for more visits. Thanks for sharing Meeka, grandmother and your over-the-top quilt. All beauties in your life.