Sew Saturday ~ Baby Blanket Progress

I've made great progress on my quilt for my new niece, Meeka.  First I have to share a recent picture my mom sent.  If all goes well I will be wrapping Meeka and her quilt in my arms next week.  <3 

Ready for her first photo shoot

Meeka came home from the hospital on Halloween.  Cutest treat ever!
Nothing I make can compare to her cuteness, but I am trying.  I really struggled with the layout of this quilt. Once I sewed the blocks together and put them on the design wall they were overpowering.  It felt more like a quilt for a toddler or preschooler than a newborn.

The first thing I did was take away some of the blocks. I wanted to add in more "white space".

This was a bit better, but my eye was drawn to those dark navy blocks, so I took them out and it made a big difference.  Suddenly the quilt had a "softer" look to it.

I don't have Meeka with me to test it out, so I decided to take the onesie I just bought her and see if it looked good against the quilt. 

Oh yeah, much better.  The shirt says "My Auntie is My BFF"  <3 <3 <3.   This looks more like a baby quilt now that I have taken out several blocks and removed the dark navy pieces.

How are you doing on your A Lovely Year of Finishes goal this month? I think I will get mine done.  I'm really looking forward to having pictures of Meeka on her quilt soon!  <3


Kristie Goulet said...

Super cute pics and adorable quilt, Heather. xo

Debbie Bonczek said...

Quilting is such a work in progress when you're making a design like this. I love seeing your process. You do such beautiful work!