Quilter's ADD

Take a look at my design wall.  It appears to me that I might have Quilter's ADD.  I can't seem to keep my attention on just one project and finish it. I must have several going at once.  :)

Left to Right- Arts Walk Challenge for the SSMQG, Holiday Chic BOM appliques, March BOM for SSMQG and in the very bottom right corner an orphan block that I created to test a pattern and now don't know what to do with.  Since I took this picture I also have pinwheel blocks made to add to a couple of the Holiday Chic blocks.

In a couple of weeks I am taking a quilt class on the Broken Herringbone quilt with Violet Craft.  We need 16 different patterns, so I went shopping.  :) A few extra yards may have fallen into my bag, but I am in love with the aqua, pink and red color combo.  ;)

I think I need to finish at least one of these UFOs before I start cutting for the new class because I am running out of design wall space.  How many quilting projects do you have going at one time?


Debbie Bonczek said...

Oh, Heather! You cracked me up with this photo of your Quilters ADD. I think I have "everything ADD", so I get it. I've got unfinished things everywhere in my life.

I must tell you that I raised an ADD child, and the best part about her ADD was her creativity. She has an amazing mind, which I adored when she was growing up.

Sounds like yours is limited to quilting. And you are creative to the max . . . so embrace it! (I think you already do!)

Beautiful work - as always!

desertskyquilts said...

I don't think of that as ADD. I think of it as variety is the spice. =) Those are great fabrics for your herringbone quilt. I've been thinking of doing the block, but a whole quilt of it - look forward to seeing yours.