Sunday Share

Can you believe it's been almost a week since I've been in my craft room or sewing room to create something?  As I mentioned in an earlier post I spent part of last week working on our taxes.  What I didn't mention is that I was also preparing for our trip down to CA for my husband's annual Manager's Meeting and Reception.

The company recently bought a new jet, and we were flown down to the meeting yesterday in style.  I'm not a big fan of flying, but I have to admit this was the smoothest, most comfortable flight I have been on.

When we walked on the plane this was the wet bar.  I had bottled water.  :)  Hey, it was a 8:40am and I didn't want coffee. It's well stocked, I am told.  Isn't the marble and wood beautiful?

Look at those plush comfy seats, and lots of head room.  I didn't go to the back of the plane, but there is a bathroom, sink and closet back there.

The seats swivel if you want them to, but I get motion sickness, so I kept mine facing forward.  Someone has to keep an eye on the pilots, right?  It was such a smooth flight that I didn't feel nauseous once.  :)

Nikki took this picture of the cockpit.  The picture I took is not as good, but it shows the backs of the pilots as we were flying.  My boys asked me how I got that picture and it dawned on me that they have grown up in the era where the cockpit is off limits.   This was a private plane so the doors to the cockpit were left open.

Flying over Mt. Shasta on our way into Redding.  It was nice to see snow on the mountains.  

My favorite part of the meeting, is the little gift we got.  We have not had gifts every year.  In fact there were a couple of years we didn't even have the meetings, but it sure has been nice to get a little something for the past 3 years.

Who can resist a little Tiffany Blue box?   Sorry I don't have a picture of what is inside, but I am impressed I remembered to take this picture before untying the bow.  :)

Crater Lake?  I think?
My cell phone doesn't take the best pictures, but it was awesome to have fairly clear skies and fly so low to see the beautiful landscape of CA, OR and WA.

Mount Rainier below as we were flying into the cloud bank in Olympia.  It was a short, quick trip, but cool to fly so close to the mountains.  We were able to see Mt Rainier, Mt St. Helens, Mt Hood, Mt Shasta and Lassen along with others on both flights.  Now that I am home I think I will take a nap and then perhaps head out to the hobby room.  Or not.  There's always tomorrow.


Kristie Goulet said...

WOW! That is own way to travel! Awesome! Thank you for capturing those amazing pictures!!! I hope you will share what was inside the little blue box? I know it will be amazing. I remember last years gift. ;)

desertskyquilts said...

How nice to fly in style. I love flying, but I won't do it any more because it's such a hassle to go through the airport. Your comment about the cockpit reminded me that when my boys were small, both of them flew alone numerous times, starting at 5, to see their grandparents. The pilots always took them up front, let them sit in the seats, and gave them little plastic pilot's wings. I suppose that's all not done now, too. I'm glad you are home safely.

~amy~ said...

wow....not that's some meeting!