Sew Saturday

Sew Saturday is back!  Have you missed me, my sewing friends? I know I've missed my sewing room and sharing my quilting adventures with you.   This year I didn't plan any sewing projects for Christmas gifts.  I'm still a bit of a newbie and didn't want sewing to become stressful.  Unfortunately that meant my sewing machine sat unused for most of December.  In fact the only time I have used it is on Christmas Eve.   My son's Christmas jammies were too big so I had to take in the waist.  :)  It felt so good to be back at the machine!

Yesterday I headed into my room and picked a new project for January.  I've decided my first quilt in the new year will be a lap quilt for me.  :)  Novel idea to actually make something for myself.  So far all my finished projects have been for other people.

I'm in love with the Surrounded By Love fabric line by Moda.  If I start now I will have a sweet Valentine's quilt by February.  (At least, in theory I will.)

Did you spot my new black chair in the background.  It's so comfy!  The armrests move up and down.  This is PERFECT for me!  I'm so short that I have to raise up the chair to be comfortable while sewing, but that means that the arm rests hit the table making me have to lean into the machine.  It's not a comfortable way to sew.  With my new chair from Costco I can have the seat all the way up and the arm rests up as well all while having support for my back.  :)  

An added bonus I discovered is how comfortable it is to rest my feet on the bottom thingys.  They have little grippies that keep my feet from sliding off.  Yes, I am THAT short.  :)  I spent loads of time researching and trying out chairs trying to find one that was comfortable and fit my needs for the sewing room.  So far I love it.  Of course, I haven't sewn anything while using it yet, but I plan to put it to the test this weekend.

Now back to the fabric.   Yesterday I was able to do something I've never been able to do.  I went "shopping" in my "stash".  Oh what fun to have enough fabric that I can find something I need!  Remember, I've only started quilting again last May.  It takes time to build these things.

I decided I wanted to do a hugs and kisses quilt using a contrast color for each of the 3 main colors in the 1 charm pack I have.  There wasn't enough charms to do it with the charm pack, so I went on the hunt.  I  found a red, pink (Riley Blake) and white/red/pink combo(Moda).  It was so exciting.  Actually I fell in love with one of the fat quarters I found in a bundle.  It's called Always & Forever by Deb Strain for Moda fabric.  I love it so much I've decided to use it as my backing.  The only problem now will be finding yardage.  Any ideas?

Time for me to go play now.  I just love the week after Christmas, don't you?

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

P.S.  What did Santa and his helpers bring you for Christmas?


mennikelly said...

I'm a bit jealous of your chair. I have to prop myself up with a pillow.

You can try searching using this site:

Hope you are having a happy sewing day!

CraftySarcasm said...

Love that fabric line . . . very cute. I need to get back to sewing in the near future. It's on my "to do list."

The chair . . . I have it and it is the most awesome chair for all the reasons you mention. I also like to rest my feet on the bottom of the chair. My arches just love those grippy things. It's like a massage for my feet. Amazing Costco find!

Heather North said...

It's nice to know I'm in good company with my short self. :)

Thanks for the website suggestion! I'll check it out and see if I can find what I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...

I liked that line, too. I made a really cute skirt for a friend's daughter from the pink with red roses. Go here: Quiltshops Search and type in Always and Forever by Deb Strain for Moda. You will get a page that has the line at a number of quilt shops still.

Heather North said...

Thank you so much ladies for suggesting that website. I found it!!!! :) Yay! I would love to see the skirt you made desertsky. Is it on your blog?

Anonymous said...

It is! Minus the elastic. I guess I never took another picture of it with the complete finish. Skirt