Sew Saturday

It's been a no sew week for me.  :(  I've missed my sewing room, but it has been worth it.  Come back tomorrow to see my Sunday Share and find out where I've been and what I've been doing.  (If I can get my internet connection to work.  It's been iffy for the past 2 days.  UGH!)

November was a very busy sewing month for me, so I do have a sewing project to share with you.  The first Wednesday of the month is the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild meeting and we have been working on a Block of the Month.  (BOM)   Here is my October block for our November meeting.

Sasha is inspecting my points.  :)

From every angle.

I guess this means she approves.  :)  Is your cat as curious as mine is with all that goes on in the sewing room?

The block is so much fun that I considered making an entire quilt using this simple pattern.  Each time I look at it I see different things, from the pinwheel in the center, to the points going around the block pointing in different directions.  For now I have too many other projects to do so it will go in my BOM box.

I've decided to make a BOM quilt in Aqua, White, Red and Pink with perhaps some grey thrown in.  Each month I make one (or more) block(s) for our guild and one for myself.  At some point I will put them together in a quilt to remind me of our fun guild meetings.  :)  The guild blocks get sewn together and given to charity.  <3  I love our guild!

Last month I was able to go to a quilt show up in Puyallup.  I thought there would be lots of quilts on display, and there were some, but it was mostly a quilters shopping experience.   They had several different booths from small, local shops to large companies.  Yes, my wallet came home lighter, but I resisted buying a new sewing machine.  It's a big investment and I'm still not sure which one I want.  I'm getting closer to a decision though.

This little shop was so sweet.  They went all out to decorate.  Do you see the quilt with the little birdies on a wire?  I instantly was inspired to make a card using this design as my muse, that's why I took a picture.  I've been busy working on Christmas cards and I don't want to forget to make the card next month when I am dreaming of springtime flowers.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


JD/ Jill said...

I see the quilt with the birdies on it...and I can see why you took the pic. It's adorable. My poor sewing machine had been so negleted...Maybe this winter...I'll finally get it out and give it a try (If it still works! smile

Heather North said...

I took a 6 year break from the sewing machine and just got back into sewing about 6 months ago. I'm hooked! Take a trip to the local fabric store and I'm sure you'll be dusting off your sewing machine too. :)