Lane Swerve

Last week I was going to film another video using Gesso with Gelatos, but I got a bit distracted by this box on my doorstep.

It's not craft related.  It is my new business kit for Rodan + Fields.  For those of you not familiar with R+F, it is an anti-aging skincare company from the same doctors that created ProActiv.  Back in March I started using one of their regimens and the changes I saw in my appearance made me want to share this incredible company with others.  It's embarrassing for me to show my before and after pictures, but it might help someone else who isn't happy with their skin, so here goes.

Picture on the left is 10 weeks on Redefine + Multi-function eye cream
Picture on the right is my before in March 2017
From the time I hit puberty I've had to deal with acne.  As I hit my 30's wrinkles were added.  Just like my mom I had pimples and wrinkles.  Life isn't fair!  Over the past few years I've noticed my pores enlarging, a dullness to my skin and acne scars from years of cystic acne.  You may have noticed I don't show my face very often on this blog or in my videos.  I wasn't happy with my skin, and wore make-up to cover up my skin whenever I left the house.

In March I started using one of the regimens from Rodan + Fields.  My friend led me through the solution tool to find out which one I needed and then signed me up for PC Perks.  Fast forward 3 months and I'm beginning to like what I see in the mirror.  My skin looks and feels so much healthier.  My pores don't appear as large as they were and my skin feels healthier.  My goal is to not "need" to wear makeup, and only wear it when I want to.  I would love for you to experience this feeling too.  If you would like to learn more, or just see my progress, join my Heather North Rodan and Fields Facebook group.   Last week I shared did a Facebook live of me unboxing that big business kit.  It was so much fun and a bit terrifying!

Today I am back to working on cards and editing videos, so I should have some new cards up soon.  Last weekend I did some quilting before it got too hot.  Did you catch a peek of that on my Instagram account?  We topped out at 102 degrees here in Rochester, WA.    

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