Word of the Year

Instead of doing New Year's Resolutions each year, I like to set out goals.  One of the first things after Christmas and then for the first week of the new year is to think about the goals I want to achieve and a word for the year usually comes to mind that helps me hone in on those goals.

Last year my word was "Focus".  So many little things seemed to be falling through the cracks, and I felt a little bit like my life was going by in a blur.  Then the word "Focus" came to me and something clicked.  Instead of running a million different directions (even if only in my mind) I decided to prioritize and focus.

That is one of the reasons I started doing the bullet journal planner system.  It helped me tremendously to have one place to write everything out and then focus on one task at a time.

My youngest son and I spend a lot of time in the car together.  Instead of spending that time listening to music while the passenger looks at their phone, I've tried to be purposefully engaged.  Sure, sometimes we listen to our favorite song or I nag him about forgetting his lunch, but most of the time we connect. He tells me about his day and what's going on.  He's in high school now and I know my time with him is short.  Instead of being irritated that I have to go back to the school for the 6th time in one day, I'm glad that he is enjoying his high school experience.  My focus has shifted.

This year I was struggling to put my feelings about what I want for 2017 into a single word.  Then one night it came to me.  "Dream"  Once that word popped into my head it started clicking.  I have a vision forming for my business.  My kids will both be in college soon and I need a new dream to focus on for my own future once they are out of the house.  I'm excited about this word, and started looking for images on Google and Pinterest.  Making my dreams come true will take action and hard work and some blessings from above.  My dream may even change as 2017 wears on, but I am super excited to see where my dreams take me.

What is your word for 2017?


HJ said...

I like your word for this year: Dream. I liked last year's word: Focus. I took FOCUS word and applied it to my life where things were not as organized as I would like. I reassessed the activities in which I was involved to determine if the amount of pleasure and enjoyment I was receiving from them was worth the amount of time and effort they took on my part. I've reworked my schedule and my motto. My husband and I are retired and able to do about anything we want, physically and financially. My motto is "If it's not fun or I'm not enjoying it, I don't do it." I know doing the laundry is not always a fun job, but I'm talking about outside activities for which I have a choice. I have finally learned that "no" is a sentence and I don't need to explain why I'm declining an extra task for a committee, organization, etc. It has made my life much less stressful and I'm enjoying all that I do. It may sound selfish to some, but I'm staring 71 in the face and I don't know how long this period of my life may last. We are both in good health now, but that can turn in a moment. So, I want to thank you for focusing on Focus and I'm so glad it has worked out for me. Let's hope DREAM will be a good word for both of us this year.

Anonymous said...

That's a really good reflective post that gave me some things to think about, too. I like what you're doing with your son. You're smart to think about you when they move on. Dream is always a good word! I still have dreams, with an awareness that there's less time to waste getting them to come true. =)

Peggy Pride said...
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Peggy Pride said...

My focus word will be "Learn". As a former teacher, I promoted this idea with my former students. I taught them to be "lifelong learners". So, now it is my turn to practice what I preach.
I intend to spend time learning about papercrafting, not just copying someone else's work. I want to learn how to use the various mediums correctly. I want to focus on watercolors, pencils and markers. I want to learn how to move from cards to other projects with the same supplies.
Heather, your post was so important to all of us. My "boys" who are now men with their own families, left the nest and I had to adjust. It was hard but with new focus we all can benefit.
Happy New Year!