Sew Saturday ~ Do Good Stitches ~ January

We took the month of December off for do. good stitches.  January was my month to be the quilter for this group.  When I told Melissa I would be one of the quilters in her circle I thought that meant I would be one of the people making quilt blocks.  It never occurred to me that I would be the one to pick the pattern, collect the blocks, sew them together and quilt them.  Honestly, it's super scary for me.  I don't feel "qualified" to fill this position, but I am honored that Melissa has that much faith in me.  

Right away I knew I wanted to do Tracey Jay's sprouts quilt.  It seemed like the perfect quilt for a little girl in the hospital while one of her parents is deployed.  (the mission behind do. good stitches is to give quilts to kids that are hospitalized while one or both of her/his parents are deployed)  The quilt could go to a boy, but I have 2 boys of my own, so I was itching to make a little girl quilt.  ;)  Here are the colors I asked for:

With low volume white, cream, grey, or light blue background fabrics.  

I've already started receiving blocks, but haven't photographed them yet.  I plan on sharing my progress with this quilt here with you next month.
This is my first year participating in do.good.stitches   The courage circle makes quilts to give to children that are in the hospital while one (or more) of their parents are deployed.  It's an amazing way to show these children that their nation cares about the sacrifices they are making.

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