Happy Mail

In my entryway hallway I have this small table that I love to use to display cards & pictures we receive.  My birthday was at the end of April and with Mother's Day a week later, the table is full of cards for me.  <3  I was blessed to have friends and family from all over sending me cards.  

You can probably spot a few handmade cards as well as thoughtful store bought ones.  I adore the little brown bag with a paper flower that Lisa gave me.

Kristie made me this sweet bookmark with a very unique tail.  When I saw the gorgeous envelope from Sharon my whole face lit up.  :) I need to start decorating my envelopes! 

Check out the dimension on Joanie's card on the far left, front row!  She had to send that bouquet in a padded envelope.  :)  I feel so loved every time I've walked by this table for the past 3 weeks.  It reminds me of what a blessing a card can be.  <3 

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