Bullet Journal Planner for June & May Review

It's time to set up my June calendar in my bullet journal planner.  This month I am switching from my A5 Moleskine dotted notebook to a larger B5 Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook.  Mainly because my A5 is full and I wanted to see if a B5 would work and last longer.  There are fewer pages in the B5, so time will tell.  By the time January 2017 rolls around I hope to have figured out what will work best for me.  As I say often in my videos about bullet journals, it is a process of finding what works for you.  ;)  I'm in that process too.

I changed up a couple of things in my new planner.  The first is that I combined my birthday page with my year at a glance page by putting birthdays under each month.  There's even room underneath for next year additions.

The biggest reason for puchasing a larger size was to combine my monthly business calendar with my personal/family calendar.  Be sure and come back at the end of June to hear how it is working out for me.  p.s.  My Creative Memories friends might recognize this blast from the past with long retired stickers.  ;)  

I'm still experimenting with how to set up my weekly and dailies.  The first week I did similar to how I have been doing it.  Weekly on a 2 page spread, followed by dailies.  I was able to fit all 7 days on a 2 page spread instead of spreading it out to 4.  Another advantage to the larger size.  This is the week I am on and so far it is working for me, but my weekly layout was left with a TON of blank space.

So, when I set up next week, I added my dailies below my weekly.  I'm not entirely sure this is going to work, as I tend to need lots of space on my dailies, but next week is a holiday week, so perhaps it will be ok.  I decided not to add a daily tracker for June.  Instead I added a little glass stamp from Plan On It by Lawn Fawn that I can color on the days I drink my water.  I'll add a little weight bar after I work out.  I've got little empty hearts on my dailies below that I can use to indicate tasks. I'm also planning on starting a new type of tracker for my business tasks.  Stay tuned for that.  (as soon as I decide what I'm doing. lol)

The last week I filled out was the first full week in June.  This will give me 3 weeks in my new bujo to decide how I want to proceed with the rest of the month. You might notice the little envelopes I stamped for days I need to mail out cards.  :)  I've found that my lighter Stampin' Up! inks do not bleed through as bad as the Hero Arts Shadow Inks I used last month.  I'll keep experimenting with different inks and share what I find with you.  It was fun to combine my love of stamping into my planner.  Plus I love the visuals!!!

As you can see, my set up is fairly simple.  I'm trying to find what works for me.  Have you tried combining your weekly and daily schedules?  Do you have any tips for me to try?  I'd love to see your work!  Feel free to share you instagram, blog or pinterest page in the comments so we can all see!

Affiliate links used.  I tried to find comparable items to what I used in the video when I could not find the exact product.  Thank you for supporting my business so I can continue to bring you free videos and blog posts!!!

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Smoky Slate Ink
Clear Block B

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foleysfriend said...

I think that the daily tracker is my favorite part. I find that it keeps me accountable to do stuff daily. Things that I more frequently "forget" about. When I notice that I haven't done things for awhile, I feel more encouraged to do it - so that I can cross off the little box.

I have been finding that I don't "use" the daily pages so I just increased the size (height) of the days' boxes on the weekly page to add more details.

Anxious to see what's up next!