Christmas is Coming

Just like you I hate going to the store and seeing Christmas lights on the same aisle as the Halloween candy. I like to celebrate my holidays one at at time, but us crafters have to work ahead a little bit if we want our projects done on time.

Stenciled Christmas-Mixed Font
Blue Christmas (Left)
Rainbow Christmas (Right)
That is what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks.  Catherine Pooler and Maureen Merritt invited me, along with several other designers, to join in their upcoming class. A Very Trendy Holiday 2.0  To say I was excited is an understatement.  We've actually been working on this class since last summer, but my creative juices really started flowing after the weather turned cold.  It's just hard for me to think of reindeer dashing through the snow when I'm outside baking in the hot sun pulling weeds.  Know what I mean?

Wishing You
If you are like me and you have been putting off working on your holiday cards, don't fear.   This class is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit and give a serious jumpstart to your creativity.  In fact I have been so inspired that I've made several cards that aren't even a part of that class.  I'll be sharing some of them on my blog and StampNation.

Holly Jolly

Class starts next week.  Wednesday for StampNation members and Thursday for everyone else.  How about I kick off my Holiday card series with a video on Monday?   Can you spot some of the trends I used on the card sneak peeks?

Blendabilities Bird

Let me know what you think the most popular trend is for Christmas cards this year.  Do you have a favorite among these sneak peeks?  Let me know that too and I will pick the most popular for my video on Monday.

P.S.  All of these sneak peeks were either inspired by the trends showcased in A Very Trendy Holiday 2.0 or were made for the class and weren't needed.  If these didn't make the cut, you know you will want to see the ones that did.   Did I mention we have an awesome line-up of designers?  So many samples to inspire you!  Thank you for being patient with me the past couple of weeks as I worked on this instead of posting daily cards.

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