Sew Sunday ~ ALYOF

September is almost over and that means 2 things.  One, my mom's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! and 2 it's time to link up with my September finish on A Lovely Year of Finishes.

First up is a sneak peek of mom's card. I can't share the entire card with you, because she doesn't have it in her hands yet and it's for one of the StampNation challenges for World Card Making Day.

This is one of my all time favorite cards.  I've always wished I could watercolor like my great aunt Rosie and my mom's dear friend Ginny.  Unfortunately I did not get the drawing/artistic painting gene.  Thanks to stamps and water based ink though I was able to create a watercolor look that I am proud to send to my mama.

My main goal for September was to finish the backing for my Michael Miller challenge quilt.  I'm happy to report I did finish it!  YAY!  Now on to the quilting so I can get to my favorite part, sewing on the binding.

My second goal for September was to finish sewing on the binding for the Modern Metallic challenge quilt.  That goal was finished early in the month.  I didn't get to the last 2 goals I had.  Instead I made a snuggle blanket for my husband to keep his tootsies warm on these cold fall nights.  

Thank you Shanna and Melissa for having these monthly goals.  It helps me feel like I am truly accomplishing something each month even though my list of to-dos keeps growing on the other side.  


Melissa said...

Wow! That card looks just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the inside.

I love your quilt back. Will we get to see it on Wednesday?

Heather North said...

Maybe. ;)