Sew Saturday ~ ALYOF ~ September Goals

Lots of goals this month for sewing.  I love sewing in September.  The kids go back to school, and the weather cools down.  Ahhh...bliss.  :)   Here are my goals for September.

1. Finish backing for the MQG Michael Miller challenge.
2. Finish binding on MQG Modern Metallic challenge quilt.
3.Quilt Michael Miller challenge quilt.
4. Quilt Jelly Roll Race quilt.
5. Make another Jelly Roll Race Quilt.

My sincerest hope is that I will get the first 2 done.  There is less than an hour's worth of sewing on each.  I'm in the mood to really get these charity quilts done though, so hopefully I will have time for some serious quilting.

This is where my backing was on September 1st for my Michael Miller challenge quilt.

Wish me luck.  Linking up with Melissa and Shanna for A Lovely Year of Finishes.

ALYOF September 2014


Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck! That's a healthy goals list for September!

Elaine Johnson said...

Your floor looks so nice and clean.Are you sure you are sewing? When I sew, I am ankle deep in threads and snippets. Keep up the good work. Praying you each your goals. Elaine Johnson. (Elainej)SN.

Heather North said...

Oh, Elaine, the ironing board is just outside my little sewing room and was just vacuumed otherwise you would see snippets of thread and selvages and bits of fabric. (not to mention cat hair) It's funny you noticed how clean it was because when I was loaded the picture on the computer I checked to see if I needed to crop out the floor. Usually I do. LPL

Heather North said...

Thanks, Susan, I'm hoping for some serious sewing therapy time. :) Good luck on your September goals too!