Spring Break

This week my kids are on Spring break, and I am taking the next 4 days off to be with my family.   Hopefully I will get some crafty time in, but I probably won't be posting on the blog.

I'm popping in today to show you a picture that a friend of mine from high school posted on Facebook today.   (TBT or Throw Back Thursday)  That's me on the left, and my very photogenic friend on the right.  We could almost be sisters we look so much alike.

Then she posted another picture from our graduation with all 3 of us.   The one in the middle is the person who posted both of these.  It's funny to see this as my husband and I prepare for our son to graduate in a couple of months.   Seems like it's only been a couple of years ago.  The outfit I was wearing in the photo above was his favorite.  Now we are married and our son is the age I was when we started dating.   Time flies when you're having fun.

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me.  Do you like discovering old pictures you didn't know existed?  Has anyone ever posted or sent a picture of you?  

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