Sew Saturday

April is more than half over, and I am working on my metallic challenge.  Can you guess what this is going to become?  I do have a plan, but I think I will wait until next week for the "reveal".

In the meantime, great progress has been made on my baseball quilt.  Just in time too.  Michael had his first tournament today.  It got rained out, but not before the boys played in the POURING rain for 30 minutes.  I need to get that warm quilt finished fast!  Baseball season does not equal sunshine in the Pacific Northwest.

Sorry for the blurry pictures.  Here you can see the flannel back.  I just need to sew my 2 halves together.  :)

Then I can bind it and clip all those edges.   I'm debating on adding one more row to make it just a little bit wider.   The quilt is a very simple pattern on the back because I wasn't sure how many rows and columns I was going to need. (I'm still not.  lol)

While I had the quilt on the bed to decide just how wide I want it to be, I got the cat's seal of approval.

Believe it or not that is her "happy" face.  I think we have our very own grumpy kitty, but she sure does love my sewing projects.

I must have missed last weekend, because I have one more sewing picture to share.  Our boys requested to watch the TV Series "Lost".  This was the perfect chance to get the binding sewn on the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild charity quilt.  I volunteered to do the binding because I love having something to do with my hands while the boys watch TV/movies.

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Anonymous said...

What enjoyable projects you've shared. I look forward to seeing your metallic challenge, but the other two are great quilts, and a finish to celebrate!