Sew Saturday ~ April Goals

Finally a Sew Saturday post that doesn't have a pile of jeans in it.  :)  I will give you a jean's quilt update though.  I've cut half of the backing squares out and ran out of my flannel fabric.  A trip to the fabric store will have to happen before I can finish.  Oh bother.  :)

Wednesday was our quilt guild meeting.  Almost every month we meet there is a block of the month challenge.  The blocks are turned into charity quilts.  This month was a circle applique block.

Isn't that a fun, colorful block?  I made a really cool discovery while trying to come up with circles.  In fact I thought it was so cool that I grabbed my camera and shot my first "sewing tip" video for you.  :)

***Note- you may need to visit my blog to view the video above.  Simply click on the post title "Sew Saturday..." above and it should take you right to this post.

Next month I am going to see if I can use the acuquilt cutting templates in my big shot.  I just need to figure out the correct "sandwhich" and I'm sure I will be able to.

April Goals

Here we are in April.  That means it's time for another goal setting party on A Lovely Year of Finishes with Melissa and Shanna.   April promises to be an EXTREMELY busy month with travel, baseball, Spring Break, Easter and more.   At first I was just going to try my hardest to get my picnic quilt finished, but then I went to my guild meeting and got this fabric.

The guild is participating in a Metallic challenge and the quilt needs to be finished by the first week of May.  Yikes!  That means I need to make this my goal and find some time to get in my sewing room.

I've decided on a pattern.  (mostly in my head, why do I do that?!!!)   All I need is time and some metallic thread.  I have a couple of other fabrics I think will provide nice contrast.  I may switch them out when I head to the fabric store to pick up more flannel, but the 4 main prints above will be included somewhere in the quilt.

Wish me luck.  My goal is to turn this pile of fabric, or at least the main mettallic fabric given to me, into a quilt top by the end of this month.   It may not happen, but I have to try.  :)


Kacey said...

I haven't seen metallics yet in person, but they look so neat! Have fun creating!

Anonymous said...

Definitely good luck! I want to see what you manage. My life has been such a tangle this month, I didn't even set a LYOF goal.