Sew Saturday ~ Guild Quilt

Happy Saturday, my friends.  I'm feeling soooooo much better, but I haven't sewn in 4 weeks.  I think I'm finally stable enough to try out my rotary cutter again and see if I can sew in a straight line.  :)   I'm itching to get my lilac and purple quilt done. 

In the meantime I thought I would show you the finished quilts our new guild made to send to the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild for relief help.   Many ladies donated blocks and we ended up with enough blocks to make 2 quilts.  Four people worked quickly to sew them all together and quilt them. 

One block came in late and was able to be added to the back.  Isn't it amazing?  The back is just as pretty as the front.  

Here's the second quilt.

The quilting on this is amazing.  I think she quilted each block individually.  I wish I could have seen it in person before it was shipped.

If you live in the Olympia, WA area and are interested in quilting at all you should come check out the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild.  We are brand new.  Only 2 meetings so far.  You can get in on the first official membership meeting  on July 10th, 2013.  It's being held at Ruby Street Quiltworks, and they let us shop after the meeting is over.  :)  Your first meeting is FREE, just to check it out and see if you it's something you might be interested in.   Oh, and there is show and tell, so bring whatever you are working on so we can oooh an ahhh over it. 

Want more info?   You can join the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild Facebook page. Or you can let me know and I can invite you to the Facebook page.


P.S.  Can you find the blocks I made?  I have at least 1 in each quilt.  :)

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Kristie Goulet said...

WOW! These quilts are amazing Heather! Love the colors and the different patterns. Have a very Happy 4th of July! Mwah!