Personal Updates

Hello my creative friends!  I thought I would tell you what has been going on with me and why I've missed a few posts.

Last week I flew down to CA to see my family:

1. My dad has prostate cancer and is beginning his treatment soon.   It's been a long road full of insurance complications, but his prognosis is excellent.  He just needed a little cheer.

2. My uncle has stage 4 cancer.  I wanted to see him and my aunt and cousin, just to be able to give all 3 hugs and tell give them my love.  He will soon begin a new trial drug.  Please pray for a miracle, if you are so inclined.

3. My grandma fell and broke a few ribs.  She fell again and bruised her tailbone.  She stopped eating, saying the medicine made her sick and dropped down to 66 pounds. It was at this point I decided to go down and see her.  I booked my flight for the following week.  Then she fell a 3rd time, fractured her hip and ended up in the hospital.   She got moved from the hospital to skilled nursing to go through rehab.  While I was there she was in good spirits and even attempted to eat some of her food.  Her leg is really swollen, but so far no blood clots.  Her short term memory is shot.  She doesn't even remember being in the hospital.  I hope she will remember I came to visit her, but at least she remembered me while I was there. 

4. My mom needed me.  She needed a hug and to know I would come and to help share the burden for a while.  My first morning there she got the news that her friend had passed away from cancer.  I hate cancer!

Before I left I was able to get a few blog posts scheduled, but I am way behind now.  I apologize to my ACAD blog challenge ladies.  As soon as I get back in the swing of things I'll be visiting your blogs and leaving some love.  Thank you for all the beautiful comments you have been leaving me. 

I have 10 cards, 1 video and several scrapbook pages done, I just need to take pictures and get blog posts written.  Yesterday I slept and started to unpack & do laundry.  Today I took care of my home and family.  Tomorrow I go play in my room.  :)  I have lots of cards to make for these far away loved ones!!! 

If you have read this far I thank you.  Any prayers for my family are much appreciated.  I'm already thinking about when I can go back down and looking into airfare for cheap flights.  Now that you know the situation I am sure you understand if I miss a day here and there.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Mum of 4 said...

Wow, Heather you sure have lots going on in your family right now! Praying for everyone and especially you for your strength through it all! HUGS girlfriend!!!!

Monika Franziska said...

Sending you some hugs...

Nathalia O'Connell said...

Hugs to you, Heather. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Heather North said...

Thank you sweet friends. <3

Smiles, Laurie said...

Take care of You, too...take it easy!

Lynn McAuley said...

Sending prayers for your family and cyber hugs for you, Heather!

I have been missing for very similar reasons. Balancing care for my mother who fractured her pelvis this week and preparing for all the Thanksgiving visitors arriving at her house this week. She will still be in the hospital but will certainly enjoy seeing all the grandkids and greatgrandkids.

Heather North said...

Lynn, I'm sure she will. Seeing them will lift her spirits. Take care of yourself too. Prayers you mom heal quickly.