Harley Wedding

Recently a friend asked me, along with a couple of other friends, if we would help her make decorations for a Harley Davidson wedding.  Of course I said YES.  My crafty hands have been idle way too long and I looked forward to some creative girlfriend time.  Here are some pics of what we created.

Carla gluing on the final petals
Aren't these large flowers cool?!!  Carla found a couple of youtube videos and customized them to fit her design ideas.

I didn't get a good picture of the medallions, but you can kinda see them in the picture below.

We wrapped the tree in tulle and added a bow.

The bride and groom's table.  I love the little touches of light Carla added.

The chairs needed a little something extra, so Carla & put our heads together to come up with this.

The finishing touch was the Harley banner and balloons.

We had nothing to do with the cake, but it was too cool not to share with y'all!

A tiny confession here.  I was so into decorating that I forgot to make/bring a wedding card.  Oops!  I'll have to mail it or give it to them in person.  You can tell I am really out of the cardmaking loop because the card is usually my first priority.


JoAnn said...

Beautiful decorations. Thanks for sharing the photos. Yes, that cake is cool. :)

Carol Held said...

Hello there Heather. As an avid Harley Rider, I commend you for a job well done. smile It is so hot here today I actually wanted to take my Harley out for a boot. I will wait for hubby to get home from work and we will take our Harleys out together. I love biking along Lake Erie to Niagara Falls when it is hot like this. The flowers are breathtakingly "HARLEY", and the cake is out of this world. The wedding looks like it will be a huge blessing. Thank you for sharing your talent.