Calendar Girls 2018

Back in the fall of 2017 I met my dear online friend, Freda McCracken for the very first time in person!  We first met online through a scrapbooking chat forum WAY BACK in my Creative Memories days.  She came out to Seattle, WA for a wedding and made time to meet up with me.  I had to take her to Impress Rubber Stamps while she was here.  While we were there she spied these calendar pages and thought they would be a fun idea for our group.  As we were talking another customer came by and started sharing pictures on her phone of the pages she and her friends had made.  Freda started taking pictures of the pictures on this ladies phone and then went back home and started a virtual "Calendar Girls" group from among her friends that wanted to participate.

Of course I had to jump in on the fun.  I'll share mine when it is my month.  (Can you guess which month I chose?)  The first month,January, was created by none other than Freda McCracken.  Here is her lovely creation that has been sitting on my desk all month long.


If you have a group of creative friends, this is a really fun project to do together.  We each took our month, created 12 of them and sent them to Freda.  She sorted them and sent us each a full collection of 12 months.  So much fun to see what each person made and to have a piece of them in my office all year long.

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