Foundations Box Day 2

Wow, the blog hop yesterday was incredible.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments.  Yes, I read each one.  :) It's fun to hear your excitement for the new inks, and stamps.  Today I have a couple more cards, and another video for you.  These are 2 of my favorite cards, because they are clean & simple, yet colorful & playful.

Stamps: For Everything, Spot On (Catehrine Pooler Designs)
Ink: Grass Skirt, Fiesta Blue, Midnight (CPD)
Paper: Bright White (CPD)
Accessories: Round Block (CPD)

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAJL8DES_J0

Stamps: Spot On (Catehrine Pooler Designs)
Ink: Orange Twist, Rockin' Red, Midnight (CPD)
Paper: Bright White (CPD)
Accessories: Round Block (CPD)

Catherine has already chosen the winner from yesterday's blog hop.  Was it you?  Clicky to go to her blog and find out, then join in day 2 of blog hops for another chance of winning & inspiration.


Linda Ford said...

Great cards that you are all making with this new set.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love the simple, but effective, designs.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the things you are doing with this set. I actually broke down and used some of my Christmas money this morning, so I'm going to be coming back to see them again, probably several times!