Sew Saturday + Arts Walk

As you probably know by know our guild is participating in a challenge for Arts Walk.  We were challenged to choose one of 3 fabrics and use only that fabric plus solids to create any quilt we wanted.  The quilt had to measure at least 20" square, but could be as big as we wanted it to be.  Finally, the quilt needed to be turned in by April 19th, 2015 so that it could hang during the Spring Arts Walk.

I'm proud to say we have 24 members who particpated and completed the challenge.  If you would like to see all the quilts on display, please head over to Canvas Works in downtown Olympia, WA.  Today is the last day and there are many fun things going on after 4:30pm tonight on the Arts Walk trail.

Information about our guild and challenge.

Yesterday I went down there and saw the display.  To say I am proud of the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild is a huge understatement.  These ladies rocked the challenge and I am honored to be a fellow member among such talent, grace and kindness.  If you are in the area go down and vote on your favorite quilt.  If you are not in the area, stay tuned.  I took pictures yesterday and hope to post them tomorrow.  

A Lovely Year of Finishes
April 2015 Finish

For now I will leave you with my Arts Walk quilt and finish for April.  My quilt is called Flying Free not only because of the log cabin flying geese, but because I made it with The Sophia Way Homeless Single Women's Shelter in mind.  This organization helps homeless woman get back on their feet and gain their independence.  Every woman who enters the program gets a new quilt on their bed and they get to keep it with them when they go.  I've prayed for this woman through almost every stitch and I pray that this quilt blesses her and lets her know I am praying she finds freedom and peace.

Flying Free


Kristie Goulet said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, Heather and I love the organization you mentioned and that you prayed for this woman while creating it. So very special and the lady receiving it will be blessed. xoxo

Andree G. Faubert said...

Isn't it wonderful to participate in a guild challenge? There are so many possibilities and everyone makes such different projects. Your quilt is lovely and will be appreciated I'm sure.