Natural Talent

There are some creative things that just come natural to me and there are others that simply do not.  Over the years I have found out that even "I" can learn if I have a good teacher.   Maureen Merritt is one of those teachers for me.

Her "Clean and Simple" (CAS) style must come naturally, but she has honed it into a fine art that she shares with all of us at StampNation.  She has been doing written and pictorial tutorials for a couple of years now, but last month she added videos to her classroom!  I'm so excited, because watching videos and then trying out the ideas myself is one of the best ways to learn.

Check out her video above to see part of her first ever video and then check in to StampNation on Friday when she will have her second video up.  I'm so proud of you, Maureen!  Thank you for teaching this girl who loves to layer  how to make CAS beautiful.

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