Sew Saturday ~ Value of Contrast

Last weekend I braved the snow and attended a class put on by our local South Sound Modern Quilt Guild.   The instructor was the fabulous Katie Pedersen of Sew Katie Did.  If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her classes, do it!  My mind is still swimming with all the things I learned and I am looking my quilting, AND papercrafting in entirely new ways.

The great thing about this class is we didn't just sit and listen, but we put the things we learned into practice and started our own quilts.  It was very intersting to see how different colors and patterns played together.  Some were easy to put together, others weren't.

My favorite tool in this class was my cell phone and the black & white feature I used for the first time.  It is amazing to me the contrast you can see when you view in black and white and/or from a greater distance.

What made the class even better was taking it with the ladies from my guild and meeting a few new friends at the same time.   Melissa asked me if there was enough contrast in the two blocks she chose.  I thought so, but just to be sure I took a picture. It was amazing how much contrast we could see in black and white.

Bethany finished her blocks quickly and helped me trim down some of mine.  Thanks, Bethany!  Without you I wouldn't have had enough to put them on my design wall and start creating a pattern.

Up close you can see a little bit of the diagonal stripe pattern, but when it's switched from color to black and white the values become more apparent.

I can even see a few I need to switch.   Thank you to everyone who helped me and let me help them at the class. I can hardly wait for our next class together.  This type of multi-patterned and colored quilt will never be my favorite, but I sure am learning a lot in the process of designing it.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


mennikelly said...

I'm glad you braved the snow. Are you going to keep the stripes as your design?

Heather North said...

Me too! I will probably change the design before I sew it. I'm leaning towards the diamond/square pattern.

Melissa said...

I had so much fun at the class! It was awesome to be able to sew with everyone. I love what you have so far!