Best Day

Wouldn't this be a great card to tuck into your child's lunch pail or backpack letting them know you think they are the Best?  How about giving it to a teacher for a little encouragement?  That's what I was thinking when I made today's card.

I started with a sketch, but then went so far away from the sketch that the finished card looks nothing like the original.  :)  That is okay though.  Sketches should give us inspiration, sometimes we use that to CASE with our own supplies, and other times they are a jumping off point into something completely different.

Close up so you can see the details.  :)  I made my own background paper when the paper I had didn't work.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Lynn McAuley said...

I love this fun mix of colors and patterns!! Such a wonderful card of encouragement, Heather!

Smiles, Laurie said...

This is great. You made the BG? nice work!, not the plaid piece, though, did you?
Years ago, I had a 'plaid maker' stencil, I loved the cozy papers you could make by sponging through the mask to coordinate with what you were working on...but I haven't seen anyone use theirs in...forever!

Heather North said...

Not the plaid paper, no, that is from the Howlstooth & Scaringbone DSP. But I did make the Basic Gray piece using the Clockworks stamp set. :) I remember that stencil though. I think I even bought it after using it at a class, but when my order came and I got it home I couldn't remember how to use it. LOL.

Kay said...

This is adorable! Anyone would love to find this in their backpack, or their lunch or their classroom :)
And finding a new way to look at the sketch is one of my favorite things about using them. I'm with you, they are more of a suggestion than a command!