Hello my creative friends!  Is anyone still reading blogs?  If you look at my last post you will see it was February 2020.  In March 2020 the world changed.  I changed too.  The good news is that I found my creative mojo again and it's still going strong.  While I don't plan on updating often on this blog anymore, I have been sharing on Instagram (@heatherscreativeblessings) and Youtube.  

We got 2 Husky/Malamute puppies in late February last year and as they have grown, my creative time has changed.  They are doing much better now, but for the first year I couldn't leave them unattended and my creative nooks in the house were 2 small for growing BIG dogs.

My main creative focus has been cross-stitch.  It's a calming way for me to handle stress and I can take it with me from room to room or in the car.  On my weekly-ish videos I share what I've been stitching, stitchy stash, and stitching plans.  When the weather cools down again I will be working on quilting too.  My stash of cards (especially birthday and thank you) are pretty low, so I need to get out to the hobby room and start making cards again too.  The room is really a storage room in the garage, so I have to wait for cooler temps to go in there and work, but first we need to clean it out.  

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