View From My Front Porch

Are you ever curious about where bloggers take their pictures?  Perhaps it is just me, but when I see bloggers taking shots with a natural surrounding instead of a white backdrop, I'm always curious to see more.   Here is the view of where I have been taking most of my pictures for the past year.  It's my front porch.

Do you see that ledge on the left?  That's it.  :) 

You can see Tuesday's card in this shot.  Depending on the angle I take the picture you usually see the tree, the fence or the grass in the background.

I love my little front porch.  I always wanted a big wrap around porch, but for now I am thankful for the one I have and the natural light it gives me for taking card photos.  

Where do you take pictures of your cards?

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SharonNez said...

Hello Heather...what a neat post!! I've never really given much thought to the question about where I take my card photos! :) I love the back drop for your photos! It looks very calming....and charming!!! The place where I take my photos has been on my kitchen table...on top of a beautiful cream-colored table cloth that was hand-crocheted by my Grannie for my Aunt & Uncle's wedding gift. They were married in 1961....the same year I was born. My Aunt's children were not interested in the table cloth and she didn't have a table big enough anymore...so she decided to pass it down to one of her nieces or nephews on my Grannie's side of the family. She knew I would cherish it...and I do! The photos you see in SN in my gallery are mostly taken on top of this table cloth. :)