Sew Sunday ~ Rag Quilt ~ Michael Miller ~ Modern Metallic

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted many sewing projects this month.  That is because summer is a slow time in my sewing room.  I do have a few things to update you on.

First, my baseball/picnic quilt is finally finished.  It's so soft and warm.

When I was halfway through making this quilt I thought it would be my last jeans quilt.  It was so heavy to work with in my little sewing machine.  As I sewed the binding on by hand at my son's baseball games I decided I might want to make another quilt to work on next season.

It was a great way to keep warm and keep my hands busy.  Especially when I was nervous about the game or even bored when we would be down by 20 points.  (ok, maybe not 20, but some days it felt like it)  Baseball season is cold, wet and windy here in the Pacific Northwest, so having a heavy quilt at games is a must!

The front is soft flannel and the back was cut from old jeans that my family had outgrown or ripped holes in.  The jeans are fairly soft too because they've all been washed multiple times.  After the binding was done I threw my quilt in the washer and dryer to fray the edges.

My Modern Metallic quilt just needs binding. I'm hoping to sew that on this week and bring it with me to the fair to hand sew the binding down while I work at the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild booth.

As for my Michael Miller Challenge for the MQG and ALYOF... the half square triangles are done, but the quilt top is nowhere near finished.  I did manage to "build" my new design wall.   It's 2 large foam boards (1 3/4" each)from Home Depot, covered in Warm and White cotton batting.    

It's floor to ceiling on the short wall in my sewing room. :)   The best part is I can use T pins to stick the bigger/heavier pieces on my wall so I will be able to design better as my quilts come together.

Time to put this Michael Miller challenge into high gear.  Only a few more days in the month left and I really want a finish this month for ALYOF!


Melissa said...

Everything looks so good!

Sally said...

Lots of work~ Lots of corners to match~ Looks great~