Scrapbook Sunday + Sketches!

Apologies again for the glare on these pictures.  Hopefully you can still see enough of them to get design ideas for your own layouts.  Also, I thought I had posted these pictures last Sunday, but they never got posted.  This gave me the opportunity to create 2 SKETCHES for you in MDS2.  Enjoy!

LHS= Left Hand Side
RHS=Right Hand Side

When you go to Mt. St. Helens and watch the movie about the volcano erupting they have a moment at the end where the curtains draw back and you see the crater through the window.  You can see the picture I took of that window on the top of this page.  The day was cloudy, so it's not the best picture, but this page captures that moment we all felt the awe of being so close to the volcano. 

Underneath that picture I created another "window", but matting 4 pictures together on one large rectangle, leaving space between each picture for the "window frame" to show through.

***I was playing in MDS2 and made this.  I could have added the circle titles, but figured my time was better spent actually getting this post posted.  :)

The RHS (Right Hand Side) uses different background paper, which is unusual for me.  I tend to like using the same papers for a two page spread.  To help the pages flow together I used a circle punch and cut out circles from the paper on the LHS (Left Hand Side) to mat the sticker letters on the RHS.

1/2 Inch Circle Punch - by Stampin' Up!
1/2" Circle Punch

Check out the LHS.  Can you see how I flipped the layout from the LHS above?  Basically I turned the "sketch" upside down, and centered the single photo instead of having it offset.  :) 

Here's the sketch I created by flipping the pictures.  (Done in MDS2 :) 

MDS 2 Free Trial
Disc, Download, Ugrade, Plus, Free Trial...the choice is yours!

Did you notice I used the same circle letters for the titles on all these pages?  I also tried to keep them in similar greens and blues.  These pictures were all taken on a field trip and I wanted them to go together. 

To get the pictures on the RHS to fit on my page  with a bit of space between each picture, I trimmed them all down 1/4".  They are 3 3/4" x 5 1/4".   (I get digital prints so they start smaller than the standard 4x6)

I would LOVE it if you used one of my sketches and told me about it.  <3  Just leave a comment below letting me know, or better still leave a link to your blog so I can see your picture!

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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