Egg-cellent Thanks

Our neighbors took up a new hobby last spring, raising chickens, and now that they are laying more eggs than my neighbors can consume we get to share in their bounty.  :)   (Not to mention the noise they make when one of the hens is laying in the other hen's favorite spot.  I seriously thought one of their hens was having some issues, but they assure me she just doesn't like to wait for "her spot" to roost.   Sounds like they are siblings to me.  LOL)

They've been giving us eggs a dozen or more at a time, which is nice with 2 growing boys & lots of overnight guests.   So, when I saw the Beau Chateau paper from SU I knew I had to get it to make a thank you card for Doug and Lavonne.  (That and a plate of brownies to go with it)  One of our other neighbors got chicks not too long ago, so it looks like I won't be buying eggs any time soon.  I will instead be making cute thank you cards, cookies, cakes, and quiche.

Inside of card

P.S.  Got any good egg recipes you want to share?

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