Can You Relate?

I saw this picture posted on Facebook by one of my friends, and I had to share it with you.  I'm 100% on the left for this one.   In fact, I often think of colors by their Stampin' UP! names.  ;)

Can you relate?  Which side of the line do you fall on?


  1. I saw this too - made me smile as I too think of colors as Stampin' Up names. My husband thought I was nuts when he heard me doing that one day but I told him I'm not the only one that does that and he just laughs :)

  2. Ha, I saw the same thing, and you are not alone. I just found your blog, and subscribed, due to you being featured on OWH today; congrats!

  3. On the left~ There's all shades of each color~ LOL


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